Welcome To Gurukul World Public School


Welcome To Gurukul World Public School

Class Rooms:

The heart of learning at Gurukul thrives in its orderly and beautiful classroom environments, which are spacious and large. They are naturally lit, spacious with Scientifically designed, age appropriate furniture. Each classroom is aesthetically designed with the right visual appeal for the child.


A regulated environment to create an interest in children to study.
Encouraging them to experiment and find out on their own.
Offering them computer-aided learning.
Providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents in academics, sports, dance, music and art and craft.
Interactive classrooms where the inquisitive minds can ask a thousand questions and clear their doubts.
A planned and creative assignment to make them feel that education is not a burden but a process of development.

Computer Center:

To provide students to explore the world of education and to bring them at par with current methods of smart teaching.


Library is basically the learning Centre of any institution. The library at Gurukul offers an excellent opportunity to its proteges to ponder over everything from fiction, reference books, and other reading materials to periodicals and magazines, both Indian and Foreign. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits.


Gurukul World Public School is highly sensitive to safety of its students and hence the school includes training of safety compulsory, fire-fighting equipment and CCTV cameras. (In progress)